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Welcome to the World’s most advanced Candidate Management system trusted by the best employers.

Recruit anywhere.

So easy to use.

NexGen understands that the recruitment process is a collaboration of individuals. Resourcing, Line Management, authorisation, agencies and media.


With its adaptive user interface and one-touch access features, managers will find NexGen brilliantly easy to use. Help videos complement each section.


One screen software brings all your functionality to a single recruitment hub. It’s so easy to use, yet scalable for any size of workforce.

Built-in assessments. Free.

NexGen comes with dynamic candidate assessments built-in. Absolutely free! It’s the only ATS to be built around an integral assessment platform, so you can see at a glance exactly how each candidate has the potential to perform, in-role.


Make smarter and more accurate candidate decisions with the NexGen platform. Work scenarios sit perfectly alongside verbal and numeric testing, knock-out questions and free text, all complement an application process that has just about everything covered.

Report on just about anything.

Report on anything and everything with bespoke

user generated reports. Then output however and whenever you like, in a host of Pie, Line or Bar charts for professional graphical based reporting, CSV files for Excel spreadsheets. NexGen stores all your user generated reports ready for you to change ranges and re-output. So powerful, so simple, so accurate, it’s taking reporting to a new level of ease and ingenuity.

NexGen includes access directly to your Google

analytics dashboard, so you can track and report on your favourite GA inside your ATS.

Fully Onboarded.

Integrated Onboarding complements an end-to-end process that promotes your employer brand and perfects the candidate experience to the moment they become a valuable member of your team.


We’ve got a smart solution for every stage of the journey - even onboarding. Personalise offers, create contracts, send induction materials and control electronic signatures, acknowledgements and uploads in a truly branded, effective and efficient way.

Integrates seamlessly with your careers website and your HR System.

More features than ever before!

Google analytics built-in

Unlimited user tiers

Talent mapping with Google Polygon Overlay

Talent scout - assisted candidate discovery

Candidate interface with two-way document exchange and updates

Line Management portal

Fully customisable user interface

Self-help videos throughout

Drag and drop, one-step CV talent registration

User designed fully bespoke reporting

Graphical report output and CSV

HR systems integration

Users: Unlimited

Candidates: Unlimited

Compliance: EU hosted for full ICO compliance, ISO 27,001

Hosting: Microsoft Azure

Data partition: Encrypted candidate data held in client specific silos

Customer Support: 24/7/365

Beautiful, revolutionary interactive design and UX

Self-create Situational Judgement Tests included


Self-create Verbal and Numeric Tests

Customisable widget based dashboard


CV Parsing

Skills mapping

Onboarding including offer, contract issue and induction materials

Unlimited Job-board integration

Critical and non-critical knock-out questions with automated rejection

Social Media platform

Agency (PSL) portal

WYSIWYG job creation

Full candidate application and management website

Bulk candidate management

Flexible vacancy approval: blanket or chain

AI candidate matching

The ATS that does everything.

Go ahead… recruit smarter, faster and more cost-effectively than ever before, with NexGen - the ATS that rewrites the rules for resourcing professionals.


Six years in development, the launch of NexGen gives both the recruiter and the candidate an unequalled level of usability and some uniquely powerful features. It provides a deeper insight into candidate suitability, built in dynamic assessments, powerful talent management and many features that simply can’t be found in any other ATS.


NexGen - it’s everything you want in a resourcing tool and more.

Now is the time to upgrade your ATS for good.

Well Connected.

A revolutionary recruiter experience.

NexGen has every feature a recruiter could wish for. Its user interface is up there with some of the greatest software of all time - breaking new ground in usability. We designed it as ‘second nature’ software.


To behave like a human being, just like you do - with drag and drop, visual markers throughout and a totally ergonomic interface. You’ve never seen a resourcing solution like it, nor will you again - as our Azure host platform adds new and updated functionality to it, almost weekly.

Core Features

Full testing suite, comprehensive scoring and quick referencing built-in.
Full talent pipelining with instant CV parsing, polygon mapping and full boolean search.
Report on any field, any data set with report builder and scheduler. Output to any graphical format or CSV.
Built for mobile. A true native and content rich experience for Candidate and Recruiter.
Create brands within brand. Tailor job listings and descriptions to fit each individual business.
Onboard with ease. Offers, contracts and information with e-signature and upload.
Cloud-based software. Universally updated, fast and secure.
Create bespoke interfaces with fully customisable features for line management.
Off the shelf and ready to use cloud based software. Typical implementation within 3 weeks.
Connect with all your favourite job boards directly. Your contract. No fee.

Beautiful, powerful, a joy to use.

NexGen is as much a revolution for the candidate as it is for the HR user. The most easy to use, engaging and professional interface of any ATS. Content rich, with valuable job and business information, engaging tests and a candidate only area, we’ve upped the game to new heights, in candidate engagement, information and response.


As much a radical new talent tool as it is an ATS, simply drag and drop your CV into the capture icon for instant talent registration - how easy was that? Org’ charts, skills mapping, minimum requirements lists and automatic periodical engagement emails. This is not simply a data entry point - it’s a window on a world of possibilities, careers, information and social engagement for a growing number of the population interested in working for you.

NexGen connects with nearly every job board. 800 of them to be precise. Using your own negotiated media contract and your relationship, we connect with the ones that you use most frequently, track with cost per hire, source and even provide low credit warnings.


For all other media, there’s POST! A modular online solution, built-into NexGen, that allows you instant booking access at the best rates to every job board around the world.

Harness the potential of Social.

Master the power and potential of Social Media from your ATS. NexGen is a powerful tool for posting, sharing and monitoring all your social media connections. Jobs will get posted automatically.


Sharing will expand your reach. And full tracking, allows you to monitor the success of Social Media campaigns. NexGen will give you more reach, more exposure and expand your Social network like no other online resourcing tool

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The amazing experience for candidates, line management and recruiters.

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