AI Profiling

The clever science behind the NexGen Algorithm.

NexGen uses an Adaptive Algorithm to ‘learn’ from the HR user. Probably the ‘truest’ form of AI, Machine Learning works in the same way that a child learns from a parent: Copying, adapting, fine tuning to understand the world around it - candidates that work best for you and your organisation.


Unlike other forms of AI, where the algorithm is ‘hard coded’ from a set of predetermined parameters, the Adaptive Algorithm becomes bespoke for the business it’s working for. It means that no two NexGen II systems are the same, they adapt over time for that business, and that user.


NexGen doesn’t replace the HR professional. It compliments the system user by using its speed and processing power to help make decisions about the best Candidate. It learns from its mentor and even spots trends that subconsciously the recruiter is making that help the solution to make increasingly expert judgements over who is most likely to perform in-role.


You can depend on the AI coded into NexGen II more and more, over time. Every decision you make is noted and the experience of that outcome contributes to the ‘intelligence’ of the system. Clever stuff. Say hello to the new brain in your resourcing team.


More Candidates. More Choice.


The easier it is to apply, the more candidates you get. Fact.

That’s why every application is a doddle on NexGen! Whether they’re using a desktop - or more likely - mobile or app’, you can apply for a job in under a minute. Candidates that score highly in the AI profiling can build on that application and are more likely to do so, if they know they are part of a shortlist.  And the more application detail you request, the more in-tune the AI becomes with your requirements.


The entire candidate experience is client-branded to build trust. We’ve developed the most content-rich job description and delivery process which allows you to add photos, maps, video content and realistic job profiling to a customisable format. The easy to read skills icons and grading on different qualities allow candidates to see immediately what you’re looking for. The average time candidates spend on a job description is 2 minutes - we make sure that time isn’t wasted.


User Interface and just how easy a solution is to use, are key decisions in choosing an ATS. We’ve perfected, user-tested and developed a system that requires no training. Super content rich, designed and perfected, we promise you’ve never seen or used an ATS like this. With drag and drop, app based approval, constructive workflow creation and pop-up candidate data, this is what the ideal resourcing solution should look like.