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A.I. Powered Cloud ATS

App/mobile focused application process

Huge leap forward in usability, functionality, process

One click apply

NexGen AI.

The Worlds smartest ATS. Just got smarter.

Introducing the world’s first AI-powered ATS. NexGen matches the right candidate from a myriad of programmable qualities that help you make faster, easier decisions about the right candidate for the job. And with NexJob Candidate and Talent App, those candidate numbers are even higher thanks to push notifications, job alerts, quick apply and mobile location.

Selects against minimum criteria

Learns over time which are the right individuals for you

Grows with more information

Working seamlessly with job boards, social media, SEO and career websites, NexGen gives you more insight and works with you to select the right individual. NexGen has psychometric level assessments built-in so that when the system presents a shortlist that’s right for you, you can go further and deeper into how these individuals will perform in-role.

Psychometric level assessments

Better candidate insights

Build up to 4 tiers of questions

NexGen is a huge leap forward in resourcing technology and helps remove the need to look through every application to find a candidate with the right qualities for the job. NexGen learns with use, developing profiling that’s right for your business and departments.

Drag and drop candidate progression

Brilliantly simple and effective User Experience

Fully mobile

Work faster, work smarter and bring the benefits of AI into your candidate selection process.


Check out these unique features and experience the ATS that is so easy to use, so powerful and so intuitive, that you’ll probably want to name the latest addition to your resourcing team.

Dedicated app' for talent and one-click apply

Works with all job boards, HR systems and 3rd party solutions

Fully branded best in class application process

Powerful, simple, effective ...Everything your online resourcing should be!

Beauty & Brains


NexGen has been designed by UX experts to deliver an experience for the Candidate, the resourcing team and the line manager, that is like no other. You can apply on NexGen in under a minute. Career alerts are pushed via the app and the flexible 2 stage application process builds on the AI profiling to continually re-appraise the best candidate for the job. The smart algorithms in NexGen, learn quickly the employers, type of profile and people that are best suited for the role - and continually update your solution to work better and smarter for you.


Discover More

Discover More


Give your resourcing the competitive edge. Re-look at your ATS, join the AI revolution - download our brochure to see what NexGen can achieve for your business: